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Sigma Iota Beta

The SIB sorority in front of the Hope College anchor

Quick Facts

  • Letters – ΣΙΒ
  • Nickname – Sibs
  • Motto – Friendship, love and loyalty
  • Colors – Chaste gray and sky blue
  • Founding Year – 1919
  • Brother Fraternity – Phi Tau Nu (Emersonian)


The members of Sigma Iota Beta celebrate their individual strengths, weaknesses, ideals and passions by creating a sisterhood bound by devout friendship, love and loyalty. We recognize the social issues that extend beyond our own lives, empowering each other and uniting together to change lives and serve our community. We strive to promote the mental, physical, emotional, moral and spiritual growth of each member, through reflection and introspection challenging each sister to attain her goals and live fully. We are proud to laugh, cry, live, learn and love in the supportive, compassionate, humorous community of Hope College women that is the Sibylline Sorority.


We believe that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; therefore we shall keep it strong. We believe that the mind is the interpreter of God; therefore we shall keep it pure. We believe that the Spirit is the essence of God; therefore we shall keep it right. We believe in the glory of the out-of-doors; body, mind and spirit attuned to all created things: to the beauty of the dawn, to the brightness of the noon, to the quiet of the night.We believe in the power of knowledge... in a mind at home in the world.We believe in the majesty of righteousness... in hearts at one with God. Thus, we believe in the life abundant... the development of the body, the enrichment of the mind and the sanctification of the spirit.