Engineers Without Borders is a nationwide organization that seeks to build a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs.

Our chapter has partnered with a community in Bondo, Kenya, since 2014 and is focused on providing them with a clean and sustainable water source. Since the start of the project, EWB-Hope has installed two wells and a rainwater catchment system in Bondo and is tentatively planning on installing one more well in 2020.

The Hope chapter has traveled to the community numerous times since the start of the project. During these trips, teams of students live at a community member’s house in order to better understand the culture and the challenges faced by the community. 

EWB-Hope is also planning on beginning a new project while wrapping up the existing project in Bondo. This presents new opportunities for applying engineering and project management skills but also creates new challenges, such as funding.

We are currently seeking donors to support our expansion effort, as well as mentors in the engineering field to assist with future projects. Learn how you can get involved!