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Growing Respect, Authentic Community and Education on Sexuality

graces-transparent-logoGRACES provides a place for the Hope community to discuss issues of human sexuality and offers educational programming to support this goal. GRACES does not advocate a singular position on any particular issue.

We hope that by incorporating the principles of inter-group dialogue, and by welcoming and honoring a variety of perspectives, we can foster greater understanding and respect about these sometimes difficult and divisive issues. 

A guiding principle of inter-group dialogue is that we talk together not for the purpose of changing others, but rather to better understand them. By listening genuinely and by communicating well — all the while retaining the freedom to make up our own mind — we can reduce the polarization and anger that so often characterize conversations about sexuality.

We invite all members of the Hope community, of any background or viewpoint, to join us in talking together about topics including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Pornography
  • Sexual orientation
  • Sex trafficking
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Gender identity
  • Dating, hooking up, abstinence
  • Sexuality and politics
  • Not having sex
  • Activism and protest: pros and cons
  • Friendship and dating