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For Faculty and Staff

Service-learning is a teaching and learning method that incorporates service in the community with curriculum and academic objectives.

It gives students an opportunity to apply what they're learning in the classroom to the real world while also discovering how they can give back to their community and solve community issues.

Volunteer Services would love to connect with interested faculty on how they can include service-learning in their curriculum. We will discuss course objectives and explore how service-learning can add to the learning and discovery happening in the classroom. Service-learning also gives students the opportunity to explore how their academic discipline can be utilized in a community organization and how their skills and education can solve community-driven needs.

Service-learning can be applied to any academic discipline. Together, we will explore the community organizations and needs in the area and discuss how your course objectives fit those needs. Service-learning is being successfully used in academic disciplines and First Year Seminar courses across campus.

If you are interested in discussing how service-learning can fit your course objectives, please contact the Student Life office at studentlife@hope.edu.

A group of student volunteers