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Distant tracings // Tracing distance

Claudia Esslinger with Tom Giblin

October 13–November 8, 2017

Distant Tracings

Claudia Esslinger explores concepts of connection and separation in her series Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance. The closeness of personal relationships can be thwarted by physical distance, emotional barriers, the passing of time and the method of communication. What role does technology play in facilitating or frustrating our connections? What types of metaphors are apparent in the natural world to expand our understanding of connection and separation? How can our effort to follow, touch, explore and remember change the meaning of what we experience?

Esslinger is a visual artist working in media-based installation, video projection and collaborative performance. Her projects often invite interactivity, using new-media software. Her single and multi-channel video projections include those appropriate for gallery exhibitions, film festivals or as components for music or dance performances. In Distant Tracings // Tracing DistanceEsslinger has collaborated with Tom Giblin for the technical requirements of the project and Jack Esslinger for the construction.

Press release for Distant Tracings // Tracing Distance 

Artist Talk

Friday, October 13 | 4–5 p.m.
Cook Auditorium, De Pree Art Center and Gallery

Opening Reception 

Friday, October 13 | 5–6:30 p.m.
De Pree Art Center and Gallery