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Paris May Term

Consider applying for the Paris May Term, the most popular summer term for Hope's Art & Art History students!

The first week of the program takes place on Hope's campus, where students will learn about the history, art history and contemporary culture of Paris. Then, students will spend the next two weeks in Paris! They will visit great art museums, explore historic sites and monuments, shop in local food markets, go to the ballet at the famous Garnier Opera House, tour Versailles and share delicious meals. Students will also have time to explore the city on their own, learning how to navigate the Metro and spending time in places that interest them the most.

Course Fulfillment Options

  • ART 111 (Fine Arts 1)
  • ART 295
  • HIST 131 (Cultural Heritage 2)
  • HIST 295
  • IDS 492 (Senior Seminar)

Faculty Leaders

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