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Consulting Coaches

Anne Amodeo  Director of marketing, mentoring, developing potential and current leaders. LinkedIn
John Berry Senior level leadership, cross-functional design experiences, founder, communication, author, consulting, design thinking
Bob Bieri General manager, strategic planning. LinkedIn
Laurie Bos Consultant in strategy, operations, process, sales, and marketing; coaching, mentoring, leadership. LinkedIn
Bill Bundy Experienced leader, CEO, mentoring, consulting, team development. LinkedIn
Rebecca Derberger Senior staffing executive, collaborative problem solver. LinkedIn
Nancy Dewitt Employment attorney, senior human resources executive, leadership coaching, creating inclusive cultures
Cheryl Edwards Consultant; advising, supporting and providing tools to families with elderly care challenges. LinkedIn
Dr. Allen Gradnigo Leadership, veteran, information technology, human resources, education leader, non-profit. LinkedIn
Jupy honeycutt Supply chain management, Spanish, operations, project management and leading global cross-functional teams. LinkedIn
Douglas Iverson Banking industry executive, CFO, executive-in-residence. LinkedIn
Katherine Kemp Accomplished leader; growing revenue, building brands, developing people and cultivating relationships. LinkedIn
Mary Ellen Kettelhut Furniture industry marketing VP, mentoring, career counseling. LinkedIn
Linda Milanowski Cross-functional business leadership, coaching, facilitation, team formation, lessons learned, human resources, leadership development. LinkedIn
Kevin VanderKlok Executive director, marketing, youth development. LinkedIn