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CFL Consulting

Our motto captures the essence of what we do: outstanding value for clients, invaluable experience for students.

To accomplish this, we create interdisciplinary student teams led by an experienced practitioner coach in solving real world problems for a wide variety of clients. The experiential learning and mentoring help students develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills.

Want to solve real-world problems? This is experiential learning at its best. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside respected local for-profit and non-profit companies, researching, presenting and recommending solutions to real problems. Our experienced coaches are engaged mentors who lead student teams by using their expertise to guide students in this valuable real-world experience. 


“This is a tremendous win-win as it gives the students exposure to an evaluation project that is (by their comments) far outside of their normal work topics, allowing my team to work on significant projects without being diverted to top-level vendor evaluations.”
—John Waak, IT Director, Trendway Corporation

“Without a doubt, I know my college experience would not have been the same without CFL Consulting. CFL Consulting offers real-world experiences you cannot find anywhere else. The coaches and leaders involved are truly outstanding! I've grown so much as a leader and young professional in this program. My hope is that more students will take advantage of this awesome program while they have the chance!” 
—Rebekah Fehsenfeld ’18

“It was a sincere pleasure to partner with the Center for Leadership. The student leaders, their coach and Hope faculty proved to be exemplary leaders and provided Newago County with a thorough literature review and compiled excellent recommendations to us on how we can positively impact our Newago County Promise Scholars post-secondary persistence, retention and completion rates. What a professional, confident group of young leaders that value high-quality work and possessed the confidence and competence to deliver a very professional research report.”
—Lori Tubergen Clark, Superintendent at Newaygo County Regional Educational Service Agency