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CFL Consulting

Our motto captures the essence of what we do: outstanding value for clients, invaluable experience for students.

To accomplish this, we create interdisciplinary student teams led by an experienced practitioner coach in solving real world problems for a wide variety of clients. The experiential learning and mentoring helps students to develop their critical-thinking, problem-solving and team-building skills.

Want to solve real-world problems? This is experiential learning at its best. You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside respected local for-profit and non-profit companies, researching, presenting and recommending solutions to real problems. Our experienced coaches are engaged mentors who lead student teams by using their expertise to guide students in this valuable real-world experience. 

STUDENT Testimonials

“CFL Consulting has been a joy to be a part of. The experience has been of utmost value to me, specifically in cultivating leadership skills."

"I am super thankful for this experience! It has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in college. Moreover, I am thankful for the skills I developed, mentors I met, and friendships I made through my project."

"I love working as a consultant at CFL and look forward to the next project."

CLIENT Testimonials

"We were very impressed with the students' final presentation to us. They were able to take a project off of our work load and do all the heavy lifting for us in such a way that blew us away. We were very impressed by their ability to understand the information they were dealing with and the process in which they used to give us their recommendation. I would highly recommend this program."

"Working with the students and coaches in the CFL program was a great experience. The professionalism of the students as well as the end product was exceptional. I would easily work with CFL again and highly recommend this program.”

"We are extremely satisfied with the work that the Hope CFL student consultants performed... The students were professional in their communications with us and were driven to provide the best experience and the best deliverables as possible."