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Internship Requirements

The Department of Computer Science has established the following requirements for internships for credit, in order to ensure the best experience for both students and employers.

According to the Loading...:

Internships involve an academic course with deep learning in an applied setting for which students receive a grade and academic credit listed on their transcript.

Based on this description, the computer science department implements internships in the following way.

  • You may only take on an internship for computer science credit if you are going to learn something during the internship that you do not know already.
  • You must work three hours per week for each credit hour of internship for which you are enrolled.
  • You must write a learning plan at the beginning of the internship semester. This plan must be approved by the department internship coordinator.
  • You must keep a journal of your internship by making weekly entries in an online journal website.
  • When the internship completes, before you can get your grade, you must write an evaluation of your semester as compared to your initial learning plan.
  • Your supervisor must submit an evaluation of your performance to the internship coordinator.

The internship coordinator will set up a website for you to upload your initial learning plan and final evaluation and for you to keep your weekly journal. The internship coordinator will contact you when this site is ready.

It is not unusual for any work experience that is connected to your major to be called an “internship.” However, for the purposes of academic credit, an internship in computer science must adhere to the points above. That is, you must be learning something you don’t already know and you must produce the proper documentation. An “internship” that does not following these guidelines is really just a “job”and is not eligible for academic credit.