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Internships are a great way to put what you're learning in the classroom to use — and computer science students are in demand.

There are a number of local software development companies in Holland and the greater West Michigan area. There are also opportunities for computer science students to apply their skills and gain valuable experience at companies like Gentex, Worksighted, Yanfeng and many more.

Many of our graduates take positions in West Michigan after they graduate, with several of them starting their own companies.  These alumni are eager to help support current students through internships and other opportunities. This network of Hope CS alumni extends outside the West Michigan area as well for students looking for exciting summer opportunities.

Past Internships

In the last three years, our students have interned at:

  • Open Systems Technologies
  • Worksighted
  • Collective Idea
  • Lean Logistics
  • Egemin
  • Leco
  • Logos Bible Software
  • Atomic Object
  • Spin Dance
  • Epic Systems
  • Service Express, Inc (SEI)
  • Hex Innovation
  • DTE Energy
  • Innotec
  • Magna Mirrors
  • Altair
  • Sales Pad

Here's what some of our students who have completed internships have had to say about their experiences:

Quote from Gabrielle Kosiba '22Participating in internships not only showed me what I want to do for work, but how I want to work. Through my experiences at a software consultancy and a research institute, I saw that work environment and company culture are extremely important. My internships were immersive learning experiences that helped me gain both technical and interpersonal skills. 
—Gabrielle Kosiba, ’22

Quote from Jonathan Chaffer '21My internship was my first big experience in modern application development. While college courses taught me the fundamental skills of computer science, my internship taught me some of the frameworks and languages that are popular today. That knowledge gave me a great head start at my first software development job post-college, because I was already familiar with some of the tools used in my projects.
—Jonathan Chaffer, ’21

Quote from Claire Lundy '22 After an introductory intern project, I was put directly on a customer project doing cloud development, something I had no experience in. The developers on the project were patient and understanding of the questions I asked and helped me learn enough to make meaningful contributions to project. Working on a real customer project gave me the opportunity to learn new and practical development skills very quickly and I am truly grateful for the experience.
—Claire Lundy, ’22

Quote from Brendan Murphy '21My internships helped to expand my skill set and teach me things I didn’t even know about. It was great to learn new technologies and just how to fit into a company. Because of these new skills I found a lot more confidence in my future as a developer. 
—Brendan Murphy, ’21

Quote from Carmen Rodriguez '22My internship allowed me to not only practice the skills I learned in the classroom, but also to learn new skills I would not have gained otherwise. It helped me discover the career path I want to pursue and provided me with the tools to do so. Solving problems by developing software that matters, working with experienced developers and leaders, collaborating with other interns, as well as learning about client interaction were my favorite parts of my internship. I am extremely grateful for this valuable experience.
—Carmen Rodriguez, ’22

Quote from Caleb Tallquist '20My internship allowed me to not only work on projects that allowed me to flex and grow my skills, but I had the opportunity to do so working closely with experienced software engineers. There’s nothing quite like real world experience, and I was able to get that in a production codebase, and it really helped me to understand what I would want in my career and potential employers. The whole process was invaluable, and I cannot stress the importance enough.
—Caleb Tallquist, ’20