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Certification Requirements


  1. Complete all general education requirements for the B.S., B.A. or B.M. degree at Hope College.
  2. Complete the Teacher Education Program coursework and field/clinical experiences, including student teaching.
  3. Complete the requirements for a major and minor for Secondary Teaching Certificate and Elementary Teaching Certificate before admittance in Fall of 2021 approved by the Education Department and affirmed by the Michigan Department of Education.
  4. Complete the requirements for primary and secondary grade bands for Elementary Certificates for Fall 2021 and after.
  5. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale in:
    1. Overall coursework at Hope College
    2. Coursework in major area of study
    3. Coursework in minor area of study
    4. Coursework in the Teacher Education Program
  6. Pass the required Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in appropriate areas.

*State of Michigan requirements for teacher certification are subject to periodic change. Students must meet all requirements in effect at the time of application.


In order to meet Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) requirements mandated by the State of Michigan for teacher education candidates,

all elementary track students:

  • Must pass the Elementary Education exam (Test #103).
  • Are encouraged to take relevant major and minor subject area exams. These are optional but are strongly recommended for marketability purposes and in order to earn certification to teach at the middle school level (grades 6–8).

all secondary track students:

  • Must pass exams in both major and minor (or double major) areas of study, with the exception of music education, visual arts education and integrated science majors at the secondary level that do not require a minor. View the MTTC list of subject test selections.

Don’t attempt these exams until you’ve completed 90% of coursework in each subject area. Most students take the test immediately preceding or during student teaching. Registration, test objectives and study guides are available on the MTTC website.  Additional study resources can be found on this list of  MTTC Study Guides.

For information on MTTC Waivers, including the department policy on granting waivers, view the Hope College Education Department MTTC Voucher Application .

For information on reciprocity and out-of-state licensure, postgraduate teaching certification, additional endorsements or state testing requirements, please contact: 

Dr. Sara Hoeve

The Hope College certification officer will offer licensure advice based on their knowledge and prior experiences. However, it is the responsibility of the Hope College teacher candidate to double check specific state websites for current testing information and certification requirements given ongoing changes in individual state policies.