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Secondary Education

In addition to the Teacher Education Program, which will prepare you as a teacher, you’ll specialize in teaching one or more subject areas at a secondary level.

After you’ve completed Level 1 coursework and been formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program, you’ll pursue certification in secondary education. As a secondary education candidate, you will:

  • Complete Level 2 and 3 coursework and clinical experiences for the Teacher Education Program.
  • Complete coursework in a major and a minor.
  • Pursue any additional minors or endorsements.

Subject Areas

Click the links below to download major and minor course requirements for each subject area offered through the Secondary Education track. 

Subject Areas Major Course Requirements Worksheets Minor Course Requirements Worksheets
Biology Biology Major Biology Minor
Chemistry Chemistry Major Chemistry Minor

Major/Minor cannot be  declared after January 1, 2018
Dance Major (K–12) Dance Minor
English English Major English Minor
French French Major French Minor
Geology/Earth Science Geology/Earth Science Major Geology/Earth Science Minor
German German Major  
Health Education

Minor cannot be  declared after Spring 2019
  Health Education Minor
History History Major History Minor
Integrated Science Group† ISG Major with Biology Minor
ISG Major with Chemistry Minor
ISG Major with Geology Minor
ISG Major with Physics Minor
Kinesiology/Physical Education*

Major/Minor cannot be  declared after Spring 2019.   a new combined PE K-12/Health Major is under development.  Contact the Kinesiology department for more information
Kinesiology/Physical Education (K–12) Major Kinesiology/Physical Education Minor
Latin Latin Major Latin Minor
Mathematics Mathematics Major Mathematics Minor
Music* Music Instrumental (K–12) Major

Music Vocal (K–12) Major
Physics Physics Major Physics Minor
Political Science   Political Science Minor
Psychology   Psychology Minor
Social Studies Group Social Studies Group Major
SSG Major with History Minor
SSG Major with Political Science Minor
Spanish* Spanish Major
Spanish (K–12) Major
Special Education* Special Education – Emotional Impairments (K–12) Major§

Special Education – Learning Disabilities (K–12) Major§
Visual Arts Education* Visual Arts Education (K–12) Major  
major offers K–12 teaching certification
† major must be paired with a minor in biology, chemistry, geology or physics
‡ major does not require a minor
§ major includes required planned program minor in either math or English

Additional Endorsements

Hope College offers a K–12 endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language to all elementary and secondary track students. Earning this 22 credit-hour endorsement and completing MTTC Test 086 certifies you to teach in an ESL classroom setting, enhancing your marketability. Coursework is in addition to requirements for your major and minor and cannot be declared as a stand-alone minor. Download the ESL course requirement worksheet.

Teacher Certification

All program requirements must be completed for students to be recommended for a teaching certificate in the State of Michigan.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for a secondary teaching certificate, you must:*

  1. Complete all general education requirements for the B.S., B.A. or B.M. degree at Hope College.
  2. Complete the Teacher Education Program coursework and field experiences, including student teaching.
  3. Complete the requirements for a major and minor approved by the Education Department and affirmed by the Michigan Department of Education.
  4. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale in:
    1. Overall coursework at Hope College
    2. Coursework in major area of study
    3. Coursework in minor area of study
    4. Coursework in the Teacher Education Program
  5. Pass the required Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in appropriate areas.
  6. Hold valid CPR and First Aid certification at the time of application for Michigan teacher certification.  

*State of Michigan requirements for teacher certification are subject to periodic change. Students must meet all requirements in effect at the time of application.

Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification (MTTC)

In order to meet Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) requirements mandated by the State of Michigan for teacher education candidates, all secondary-track students must pass exams in both major and minor (or double major) areas of study, with the exception of music education, visual arts education and integrated science majors at the secondary level that do not require a minor. View the MTTC list of subject test selections.

Don’t attempt these exams until you’ve completed 90% of coursework in each subject area. Most students take the test immediately preceding or during student teaching. Registration, test objectives and study guides are available on the MTTC website.