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Elementary Education

Our elementary education majors are well prepared to teach in early education or K–8 programs thanks to extensive clinical experiences, extracurricular activities and our student teaching semester.

After you’ve completed Level 1 coursework and been formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program, you’ll move on to your specialized certification in elementary education. As an elementary education teacher candidate, you will:

  1. Complete Level 2 and 3 coursework and clinical experiences for the Teacher Education Program.
  2. Complete coursework in one of five majors:
    • English Language Arts
    • Integrated Science
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Comprehensive
      If you choose the Comprehensive major, you’ll specialize in one of four areas:
      • Early Childhood
      • Spanish
      • Special Education – Emotional Impairments
      • Special Education – Learning Disabilities
  3. Pursue any additional minors or endorsements.

Major Subject Areas

Click the links below to download PDF course requirement worksheets for each major program of study. These worksheets can be used to plan your schedule in Degree Works. You can learn more about using the Degree Works planning tools by visiting the Registrar Office's Degree Works Information Page.

You can also pursue a K–12 endorsement to teach dance, music, kinesiology/physical education or visual arts. These programs prepare you to teach at the elementary or secondary level and are offered through the Secondary Education track.

Additional Minors & Endorsements


In addition to your major area of study and required coursework, you may choose to pursue an additional endorsement in a minor area of study. Elementary track students can choose from:

English as a Second Language Endorsement

Hope College offers a K–12 endorsement in teaching English as a Second Language to all elementary and secondary track students. Earning this 24 credit-hour endorsement and completing MTTC Test 086 certifies you to teach in an ESL classroom setting, enhancing your marketability. Coursework is in addition to requirements for your major and minor and cannot be declared as a stand-alone minor.  Use the course worksheet and sample 4 year plans provided at the links below to learn how to add the English as a Second Language Endorsement.

Sample 4 Year Plans with an English as a Second Language Endorsement:

Teacher Certification

All program requirements must be completed for students to be recommended for a teaching certificate in the State of Michigan. Learn more about certification requirements.