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Celebrating the Japanese Legacy at Hope College would not have been possible without the contributions of the greater Hope community.

First and foremost, we thank the leadership of Komoro City who gifted Hope College with the bronze relief of Kumaji Kimura. It was their thoughtfulness and generosity that inspired a desire to create an additional relief honoring Motoichiro Ohgimi in order to fully reflect the combined impact of these two trailblazers. We are grateful for all who contributed to the funding of the project.

  • John and Sharon Blom 
  • Doug Braat 
  • John Branderhorst 
  • Susan and Glenn Cherup 
  • Lance and Marty Evert 
  • Alfredo M. and Maria C. Gonzales 
  • Charles and Fonda Green 
  • Maurice Kawashima
  • Claudia and Matthew LaFlash 
  • Jasmine and Rodd Lowell 
  • Sandra and Ronald Mulder 
  • Fumihito Andy Nakajima 
  • Jacob E. and Leona M. Nyenhuis 
  • Tom and Mary Claire O’Donnell 
  • Ikuko Okada 
  • Amy and Colin Quincey
  • Devin Steele 
  • Kazuko Toneri 
  • James and Nancy Van Heest 
  • John and Carol VerMeulen 
  • Linda and David Wesselink 
  • Hideo and Hiromi Yamazaki 
  • John Yelding

Additional thanks go to our alumni in Japan and Gen Ohgimi who provided valuable insight and research on Kimura and Ohgimi. A special thank you to Doug Braat, Yuichi Maruyama, Ikuko Okada, Kazuko Toneri, and Hideo Yamazaki for their contributions. Finally, our deepest gratitude to Alfredo Gonzales, Jasmine Lowell, Sarah Lundy (Archives & Special Collections), Amy Quincey, and Jim Van Heest for their commitment to bringing this Japanese Legacy Celebration to fruition.