The MI-AMTE 2019 is taking place March 16, 2019, in Maas Conference Center at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.

MI-AMTE logoThe 2019 MI-AMTE Conversations Among Colleagues meeting continues a commitment to utilize the full range of experts available in K–16 education within the state of Michigan to share ideas about improving teaching and learning mathematics. The conference includes invited plenary sessions, participant working groups and solicited talks related to the conference theme.

Conference Theme

This year's conference theme is A Solid Foundation: Developing a Shared Vision for Professional Growth

The AMTE Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics start from the assumption that the development of teachers' content and teaching knowledge, skills and dispositions occurs over a career-long trajectory, known as the Teacher Development Continuum. The Michigan Department of Education has embraced this approach, and a restructuring of the mathematical knowledge expectations for well-prepared beginning teachers is eminent with far reaching implications for pre-service and in-service teacher professional development. Continuing the discussions from last year’s conference, we will examine and discuss this continuum as it applies to the professional growth of PK–16 teachers, focusing on the period from Preservice through Early Career. Presentations and discussion will address this from both research and practice perspectives.

About Conversations Among Colleagues

Conversations Among Colleagues began in 2003–2004 as a forum to facilitate conversations between and among mathematicians, mathematics educators and leaders in mathematics education. The one-day meeting consists of talks and conversations related to mathematics education and the preparation and continuing professional development of teachers of mathematics Pre K–college. In 2015, the Conversations Among Colleagues became the official conference of the Michigan Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (MI-AMTE).

Past Conference Themes
  • 2004—Collaborating to Improve the Mathematical Education of Our Students
  • 2005—Collaborating to Improve the Mathematical Education of Our Student
  • 2006—Collaborating to Improve the Mathematical Education of Our Student
  • 2008—Educating Future Teachers of Mathematics K–16
  • 2009—What Does It Mean to Do Mathematics?
  • 2011—Common Core State Standards
  • 2013—Making Practice Core: Mathematical Practices and the Practice of Teaching
  • 2015—Supporting Teachers Mathematically and Pedagogically
  • 2016—Bringing the Standards for Mathematical Practice to Life
  • 2017—Developing Systems to Face the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow
  • 2018—The Teacher Development Continuum: Preservice through Early Career
MI-AMTE 2019 Planning Committee 
  • Eric Mann (Chair)
  • Carla Tayeh
  • Kristen Bieda
  • Elizabeth Cunningham
  • Meghan Shaughnessy
  • Nina White

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