Prepare for your role as a global citizen and leader by developing knowledge and strategies that promote a more peaceful and just world.

The peace and justice minor takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding peace theory, application and strategy.

You’ll be introduced to the study of the religious, historical, political, environmental, sociological, cultural and economic causes of conflict, as well as the psychological, philosophical, religious and communication processes of building peace and justice. You’ll understand conflict from interpersonal to international contexts and become more aware of your own and others’ identities, cultures and communities.

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You’ll gain

  • Knowledge of the causes of conflict and violence
  • Theoretical thinking on the processes of peace, justice and reconciliation
  • Competencies in using strategies of rhetoric, diplomacy, non-violent communication, dialogue and peace-building
  • Awareness of the interrelationships of conditions (economic, political, historical, religious and social) that contribute to conflict, peace and justice
  • Understanding of area studies in relation to historical or contemporary global conflicts
  • Fluency in integrating multiple identity perspectives in understanding peace and justice
  • Motivation to be an ally and to work for social justice
  • Understanding of the religious and philosophical perspectives on justice and peace


  • Supplement your internships, conferences and experiential activities
  • Complement your major and minor requirements
  • Be positioned to pursue post-graduate work with the Peace Corp, NGOs, religious organizations, international agencies and corporations, and political, environmental and economic groups
  • Cross-disciplinary integration in a liberal arts experience
  • Prepare for a fuller and deeper study abroad experience

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