/ Peace and Justice

Degree Programs

Gain an understanding of conflict by becoming more aware of your own and others’ identities, cultures and communities.

The peace and justice minor complements numerous majors and minors by providing cross-disciplinary integration to a liberal arts experience. Students are able to design their own program of study by choosing courses from a variety of disciplines.

The minor requires at least twelve credits in a mixture of electives on the conditions that affect the processes of peace and justice.


Other Requirements

  • When selecting electives for the minor, students should keep in mind they can only “double dip” one course between a major and a minor. This means that you may only count one course towards both your major and the peace and justice minor.
  • Students are required to select electives from at least two different departments and programs. No more than two courses can be from the same department.
  • Students may only take one elective that is also a general education course.
  • At least two of the electives must be at the 200 level or above.