Religion matters. It’s vital to our campus community, to our learning and research, and to the lives we live.

When we say ‘religion’ we mean things of the head and heart. We mean shared religious observances as well as personal faith and spirituality. We mean something that is intensely private, yet shapes society and politics, culture and family — church, temple, synagogue and cyberspace. 

At Hope, the study of religion meets a general education requirement of every student. We  also offer three degree tracks that allow religion majors and minors to explore the aspects of religious experience that best match their interests and vocational pursuits

  • Biblical studies
  • Christian history and theology
  • Standard religion major and minor

Many of our courses focus on the scriptures, history, theology and ethics of Christianity. Many also delve into other religions and religious practices. In every course you’ll investigate how religion embraces and engages a highly complex and diverse world.

Students study religion at Hope to:


Ask deep questions about how people have made sense of life, endured suffering, found happiness and assisted others — in the United States and around the world, in the past and in the present. Unfold the intricate meaning of religious texts and media. Investigate the contexts, cultures and layers found in religious literature.

Most people in this world are religious. Religion shapes what we think and how we live. To understand others, we must know something of the religion that animates their lives — and our own.


Religion students gain knowledge and experience that can help them excel in careers such as:

  • Ministry
  • Counseling and social work
  • Secondary education
  • Library science
  • Law school
  • Politics and government

Truly, Religion is relevant to every area of study and to nearly every career. Competence in and comfort with religious topics can make a job or grad school application stand up and stand out. Find potential career paths for after you graduate.

Religion courses provide the opportunity to grow your own faith and spiritual life. At Hope, we ask hard questions and pursue a deeper understanding of the God who made us. The study of religion helps bring your mind and heart together.