/ Theatre Department


Our classes offer hands-on experience both in the classroom and in production.

Take advantage of the wide range of classes and faculty expertise to prepare you for work in any aspect of theatre.

View full course information in the catalog Here are a few tips to help ensure you get the most out of your theatre education at Hope:

  • Meet with a faculty member in your first year to begin working on a four-year plan, even if you haven’t declared yet.
  • Take Loading... and  Loading... in your first year if you intend to major or minor. THEA 105 class gives an overview of the theatre major and will help orient you to the department.
  • Take Loading... , Loading... and Loading... (can be taken in any order) in your first three semesters if you’re interested in technical theatre or design.
  • Take Loading...  and Loading...  in the spring semester of your first year if you’re planning to major or minor.
  • Take Loading... in spring of your first year if you are performance emphasis.
  • Get credit for your involvement with a production.
  • Apply for your Loading... the semester before the proposed performance date.