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Internal Reports by Institutional Research
(This data is available only on the Hope College internal network)


Financial Department Dashboards

Graduate Survey Department Dashboards

2016 Course offering and FTE Dashboard

2016 Course, Section, and Average Class Size Dashboard

October 2015 Academic Dashboard for Board of Trustees

Reports from Current Year

NSSE Reports

HEDS Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey

Off Campus Study Report for 2014 Graduates

2014-15 Hope AAUP Faculty Salary Comparison with Peers

2013 Distribution of Teaching by Tenure Status

2016 IPEDS Data Feedback Reports
Dozen Comparison Group
GLCA Comparison Group

2016 US News & World Report Ranking Analysis

2013 Retention Study by Academic Interest
2015 Four-Year Retention Study

Hope at a Glance - Report to Board of Trustees

Admissions Yield Report

GLCA-Hope Salary & Compensation Comparison 2008-13

Hope College Enrollment Projection Model 2016

Higher Learning Commission Institutional Snapshot

2016 American Minority and International Faculty/Staff/Student Report

2016 Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity with Peer Comparison