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Student Surveys

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)Information from first-year and senior students about the characteristics and quality of their undergraduate experience

2022 DATA



Engagement Indicators

High Impact Practices

Frequencies & Statistical Comparison

Multi-year Comparison

Topical Module - Global Learning

Email institutionalresearch@hope.edu for historical data before 2015.

The next NSSE administration is 2024.

Cooperative Institutional Research Program Freshman Survey (CIRP - TFS)Data on incoming college students’ educational background characteristics, experiences, behaviors and expectations for college

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2020 CIRP Freshman Survey Results Presentation

2014 CIRP Freshman Survey Data

Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium – Sexual Assault SurveyStudents’ perceptions of their campus’s climate for unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault

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Historical HEDS data

American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA II)Data about students’ habits, behaviors and perceptions on prevalent health topics

Historical (2017–2018) ACHA-NCHA data

Institutional Report – Executive Summary

Institutional Report

Comparison of Hope and national responses

Comparison of Hope responses by gender

Alumni Survey: Within 6 Months of GraduationAsks former students about their employment, perceptions of institutional emphasis, gains in knowledge, and skills and involvement as undergraduate students

2018 6-Month Survey Results by Department or Division

Contact institutionalresearch@hope.edu for reports prior to 2018.

Alumni Survey: 10 Years After Graduationasks former students about employment, further education and work-place preparedness

2011 10-Year Survey Results

2009 10-Year Survey Results

2008 10-Year Survey Results

Faculty Surveys

Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) Faculty SurveyFaculty pedagogical practices, goals, research and service activities, professional development, satisfaction, and expectations of students

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American Association of University Professors (AAUP) Faculty Salary SurveyFull-time and part-time faculty salaries and benefits

2022–2023 data

Faculty & Staff Surveys

Great Places to Work Trust SurveyMeasures employee engagement, trust between management and employees, levels of pride in their work and camaraderie among colleagues

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View 2015 Great Places to Work Trust Survey results and 2015 Great Places to Work Trust Survey results by gender.