Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS)
2013-14 Common Data Set Sharing
February 2014

HEDS collects Common Data Set files from its member schools and makes them available to all institutions who submit their data. The 2013-14 versions of the Common Data Set are accessible below with data reported for two peer groups of Hope College. Those peer groups are:

1. All HEDS institutions who submitted their Common Data Set files.

2. A selected group of Hope College peers from among the above group of institutions.

The following parts of the Common Data Set have peer comparison reports:

  1. Selected Ratios from the Common Data Set
  2. Part B - Enrollment
  3. Part C - First-Year Admission
  4. Part D - Transfer Admission
  5. Part F - Student Life
  6. Part H - Financial Aid
  7. Part I - Faculty and Class Size
  8. Part J - Degrees Conferred