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"Nuts and Bolts"

Hope College Campus Map

A Hope College ID card gives you free access to the Library, Dow Center (health club), and athletic events. You also are entitled to the faculty discount at the Hope-Geneva Bookstore. Once you have completed your payroll paperwork with the HR office, visit the registrar's ID website at https://hope.edu/admin/registrar/idcards/index.html for information on obtaining your ID card.

Keys for offices and/or buildings should be requested through your department chairperson or secretary. Once they are ready, you will need to pick them up in person at Campus Safety, which is open 24/7.

A Parking Permit is required to park in campus parking areas. Bring your ID to Campus Safety to obtain a parking pass.

CopyWorks! provides copying services for anyone on campus. Jobs can be submitted online and picked up in multiple locations. See your department chair or secretary for your departmental charge account number.