We're happy to hear you're considering Hope College. 

All first-year and transfer students apply to Hope using the Common Application. First-year students, complete your application by November 1 and we’ll mail you our decision during the week of Thanksgiving. After November 1, we process applications and mail decisions on a rolling basis.

Start your Common Application  

With more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States alone, why choose Hope? Here are 5 good reasons.

Openly Christian and rigorously intellectual

Valuing open-mindedness and respect for all opinions; historically affiliated with the Reformed Church in America; embraces religious diversity and home to the Union of Catholic Students and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Return on investment

Impressive acceptance rates by the nation’s most prestigious graduate and professional schools. In 2014, 89% of graduate school applicants reported acceptance by their first or second choice program.

Challenging collaboration

Four-year liberal arts college with graduate school-style research opportunities that pair students with masterful teachers/researchers in all fields of study.

Personal attention

11:1 student:faculty ratio; senior professors often teach intro classes, too.


On the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, a diverse community about 30 miles from Grand Rapids, 150 miles from Chicago, 175 miles from Detroit and 225 miles from Indianapolis.

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