We believe in the transformational power of a Hope College education. And, we believe that a student’s financial situation should never be a barrier to that experience. Inspired by these beliefs, Hope is launching a first-of-its-kind tuition program.

At its core, Hope Forward is a long-term strategy to ensure access for every student who comes through our doors. It’s an entirely new funding model based on generosity and gratitude.

A unique model

Based on a pay-it-forward approach, the Hope Forward tuition model represents an entirely new way of thinking about funding college.

It transforms a student’s college experience into:

  • Preparation to pursue positive impact, free from the burden of debt
  • A transformational relationship, rather than a transactional exchange
  • Entry into a life of inspired gratitude and generosity

How it works

In the fall 2021, Hope’s first group of Hope Forward students — all members of the Class of 2025 — will join the campus community. With big hearts, open minds and a God-given passion to bring Hope to the world, these 22 students will:

  • Receive a Hope College education with tuition fully funded by the generous gifts of others, and pay only for room and board
  • Participate in Hope Forward programming, which will prepare them to pursue lives of impact in the world
  • Graduate from Hope with a commitment to "paying it forward" — donating to Hope College so that future students can have the same transformational experience

Every year after 2021, Hope will expand the number of students who benefit from the Hope Forward model. Our long-term goal is to fund every student’s tuition through the pay-it-forward model.

A bold and challenging goal

This is no small undertaking. The Hope Forward vision is ambitious, and our work to bring this vision to fruition begins today. Your gifts in support of scholarships can help fund the first group of Hope Forward students.

Ways to Give to Hope Forward 

“The whole world is asking why college has gotten so expensive. What if Hope could take the lead in solving that puzzle?”
—President Matthew A. Scogin