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Material Formats Collected

The library is interested in collecting all information formats that are appropriate for the subject matter or for addition to its permanent collection.

Equipment to use each format type must also be maintained. In practice, some formats of materials cannot be adequately handled or are poor investments of library funds. Presently the libraries routinely acquire these formats:

  1. Books
    • Language material (printed books) including textbooks only when they are for elementary or secondary education, or when they have been written by Hope College faculty
    • Manuscript language material (hand-written books) – through gift only
  2. Serials
  3. Visual Materials
    • Projected Medium – DVDs (preferred format) and VHS videocassettes
    • Two-dimensional Nonprojected Graphic (Microfiche and Microfilm)
    • Three-dimensional Nonprojected Graphic (Tools for elementary and secondary education: realia, puppets, manipulatives)
    • Kits, primarily as used in elementary and secondary education
    • All DVDs should be Region One compatable.
  4. Maps
    • Cartographic material
    • Manuscript Cartographic material – through gift only
  5. Scores
    • Printed Music
      • Scholarly editions, intended for the study of music
      • Performance editions, intended for use in the actual performance of music
      • Manuscript Music
      • Facsimile editions
      • Archival materials (through gift only)
  6. Sound Recordings (Nonmusical and Musical)
  7. Computer Files

(Last revised September 2009.)