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General Library Policies

Food and Drink

Library users may enjoy snacks and beverages in the Van Wylen Library. However, food and drink pose a potential risk to library collections, equipment and furnishings. We therefore ask that you act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the library.

  • Beverages may be brought into the library if they are in a covered drink container such as a covered coffee mug or sports cup
  • Please limit aromatic and messy foods (pizza, salads, soup, etc.) to the Cup & Chaucer lounge area; groups and classes may arrange to bring food into the Granberg Room
  • Be considerate of other library users and Hope custodial staff
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Report spills immediately to the Circulation Desk
  • Dispose of trash properly

Smoking and Tobacco

Per Hope College policy, use of tobacco in any form inside the building is prohibited, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes and e-cigarette/vaping products. Chewing tobacco is also banned in the library. In compliance with the College Smoking Policy, there must be a 25-foot buffer between smokers and all buildings, vents and doorways.

(Last revised July 2023.)