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Student Jobs and Internships

Jobs and internships at the Van Wylen Library and the Joint Archives of Holland provide a valuable opportunity to acquire real life skills and experience that can translate to your résumé.

Library Jobs

Student library employees learn valuable skills desired by community professionals.

Circulation Assistant
A library student worker assisting another student at the Circulation Desk

Being a circulation assistant is a great way to develop marketable skills that will benefit you long after you graduate from Hope. This is a customer service position responsible for assisting patrons, shelving library materials, checking materials in and out, collecting fines, opening and closing the library, and other daily tasks. This position requires a high level of responsibility, teamwork, good communication and attention to detail. Applicants must be able to move carts and shelve books, move throughout the building, maintain focus for extended periods and be willing to work some weekends, nights and mornings.

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Digital Media Lab Assistant
A library student worker assisting another student in the Digital Media Lab

Working at the DML will strengthen your technical and problem solving skills while giving you the opportunity to improve communication skills. All these skills are highly desirable to employers and will help you build a successful foundation as you begin your career. This position requires lots of interaction and exceptional customer service. DML requires independent work, taking initiative, dependability and promptness for working scheduled shifts. Our area involves some teamwork and participation, communication skills and attention to detail. Applicants must have a desire to troubleshoot, learn new skills and support students, staff and faculty. An understanding of Apple, Google Suite and Adobe programs. Willing to work some weekends, nights and mornings. Committed to work at least 8+ hours a week.

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Library Office/Mending Assistant
A library student worker processing an item in the Technical Services department

The Library office/mending assistant learns job skills such as process implementation, attention to detail and problem solving. This role is responsible for assisting the Technical Services department in the library with their workflow, which includes cataloging, processing and mending. Our work is not public-facing, so students must have a desire to work independently on tasks that may include handling books to prepare them for circulation in our collection and mending books that have been damaged and require repair. Applicants must be able to follow detailed instructions, accurately update records, and work during normal business hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m.).

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Interlibrary Loan Assistant

The interlibrary loan assistant gains extensive knowledge of and experience with behind-the-scenes library work, including the library catalog and fulfillment systems. Applicants must be highly responsible and independently motivated to accomplish a host of tasks in support of office work and resource sharing and be available during normal business hours (8 a.m.–5 p.m.).

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Quotes from Student Employees

  • “Working here has enhanced my curiosity, and this position encourages me to be intentional and diligent.” (Ayanna Bailey ’23, DML Student Manager)
  • “Working at the library was one of the best parts of my time at Hope. It was a great way to meet new people, and I learned so many new skills that I’m sure will help me in my future endeavors!” (Lindsey Heidema ’22, Circulation Assistant & Weekend Student Supervisor)
  • “The library offers great student-employee experiences! I loved learning about the different steps in book processing and the inner workings of library systems.” (Kallen Mohr ’23, Library Office/Mending Assistant)
  • “I have been working at the Van Wylen Circulation desk for about three years now, and I have enjoyed every second of it. The student workers and Hope staff are all incredibly kind, and education is always encouraged and prioritized. The hours are flexible, and are perfect to fit into any schedule you may have each semester. During my time here, I have learned to love helping people and have gotten to meet all of the wonderful people who attend Hope.” (Sarah Theis ’23, Circulation Assistant & Weekend Student Supervisor)

Collage of 2021 senior student library employees

Library Internships

Library internships are intended for Hope College students contemplating a career in libraries and considering graduate school in library/information science. Hope library interns have had a high rate of acceptance at the best graduate programs.

General Library Internship

This internship will expose students to library professionals from all areas of an academic library and allow interns to tackle in-depth projects matched to their interests, with tangible outcomes that can be shared on graduate school applications and resumes. Interns may engage in projects in Research and Instruction, Access Services, Collection Development, Technical Services, or Rare Books, with topics matched to their interests and library needs. Students with required internships for their major can work with the library to match their projects to their department's requirements. Hours are flexible but typically between Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Both paid and unpaid internships may be available.

Students who want to discuss the possibility of a library internship should reach out to any librarian with whom they already have a relationship or to Kelly Jacobsma, Dean of Libraries (jacobsma@hope.edu).

For more information on Academic Internships (for credit) and Registering for Internships students should consult the Boerigter Center.

Digital Liberal Arts Internship

The DLA internship will work closely with the Digital Liberal Arts Librarian to develop an internship focused on learning and developing skills in digital liberal arts methodologies, projects and digital liberal arts librarianship. Potential projects will build digital tools or projects, develop training materials and repositories for supporting the library DLA program, and other special projects. Contact Victoria Longfield (longfield@hope.edu) for more information.

Art/Art History Internship

Established in 2020, this internship provides experience in curation of art and space in the library. The intern will work with library staff to establish the scope of the project, identify compelling works of African American, Latinx, Asian American or Native American artists for library spaces, develop a budget and plan for the acquisition and display of these works. A major/minor in art history or studio art is required. Contact Kelly Jacobsma (jacobsma@hope.edu) or Jessica Hronchek (hronchek@hope.edu) for more information.

Archives Internship

This internship provides students with an opportunity to develop archival skills in a well-established archive that utilizes current best practice and technology. The intern will work with a professional archivist on challenging projects and produce final products that can be used as examples of professional experience. The level of projects and activities will vary depending upon the intern's level of academic preparation and experience. The intern will possibly accompany the director on donor and office visits, learn how to appraise documents, accession a collection, resolve copyright issues, work with researchers on reference questions, engage in donor relations, apply access policies, and participate in appropriate committee and department meetings and discussions. The intern will also arrange, house and describe a collection(s) agreed upon by the intern and the director, producing a finding aid entry that will be entered into the archive's catalog, as well as housing, describing, digitizing and creating metadata for photographs. Other small projects will be added according to the intern's interests and rate of progress; these may include processing additional collections, working on exhibits, digitizing a small collection and assisting researchers on special projects. Once an intern is selected, a full work plan will be developed describing the intern's activities.

Students who want to discuss the possibility of an Archives internship should contact Sarah Lundy, Visiting Collections Archivist (lundys@hope.edu).

Prior Interns

Recent Van Wylen interns have gone on to be accepted at top-tier library and information science graduate programs and many received assistantships in a very competitive field.

More testimonials from former interns