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Digital Liberal Arts and Your Courses

Why implement a digital project into a course?

By using innovative means, new technology or technology in new ways, students can further develop digital citizenship skills that will benefit them as they continue through their Hope College education and seek employment after their Hope experience. Digital projects also create opportunities for students to learn to collaborate effectively, develop critical thinking skills and communication skills, and further their information literacy skills.

Classroom projects can take on a variety of implementations and often encompass digital pedagogy as well. To help ensure a successful experience a meeting with the DLA Librarian is highly recommended.

Group Project or Solo

  • What do you want your students to learn?
  • How much of the class will be devoted to the project?
  • Do you want your students learn information literacy skills or digital citizenship skills?

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Process for Implementing a Digital Project into Your Course

Flowchart showing the recommended steps in a digital project