Jacqueline Carey of the Hope College staff is the author of "Angels:  Celestial Spirits in Legend & Art," published recently by MetroBooks of New York City.

          With 101 color illustrations, the hardbound book
  presents a history of angels as depicted in angelic
  literature and folk tradition, from references to similar
  beings in ancient Zoroastrianism, to biblical and apocryphal
          The book organizes angels within three main
  sections:  "The Eternal Realm," "The Material World" and
  "The Infernal Regions."  The narrative complements and is
  weaved around the color images, which are the book's
          Carey is assistant gallery director in the
  college's De Pree Art Center, and has been a member of the
  Hope staff since 1988.  She originally developed the
  proposal for the book in the fall of 1996 at the
  encouragement of Laura Wyss, a 1991 Hope graduate who was
  employed as a picture researcher with the publisher.
          The personal connection, she noted, was an added
  bonus as she subsequently wrote and selected images for the
  book.  "It was really nice to have an opportunity to work
  with one of the art alumni, who was part of the first
  generation of students that I knew here at Hope," she said.
          Although "Angels:  Celestial in Legend & Art" is
  her first book, Carey has had fiction has appeared in a
  variety of publications, and she writes and edits publicity,
  educational and documentary materials in her position at the
  college.  She has also completed a mainstream literary novel
  that is currently being considered for publication.  In
  addition, she and designer Judy Hillman of the Hope art
  faculty are in the process of developing an art book dealing
  with tulip imagery in Holland, Mich.
          She received bachelor's degrees in psychology and
  English literature from Lake Forest College in 1986.
          The book may be ordered through the college's
  Hope-Geneva Bookstore for $16.98.  The bookstore is on the
  ground level of the DeWitt Center, which is located on
  Columbia Avenue at 12th Street, and may be called at (616)