The Haworth Inn and Conference Center has added video conferencing--an opportunity to meet face- to-face with colleagues halfway around the world--to the services available to local businesses and individuals.

          "Using state-of-the-art equipment, businesses can
  conduct meetings with colleagues from around the world in
  the comfort of the Haworth Center," said Greg Maybury,
  director of operations and technology for Hope College.
  "With communications speeds of up to 512K and multiple
  camera configurations, you can have a highly productive
  meeting while keeping your time out of the office to a
          The Haworth Inn and Conference Center is a 50-room
  hotel located on the campus of Hope College.  The video
  conferencing services are offered in partnership with TC
  Video Applications, a division of Travel Consultants Inc.
          "Presentations Magazine" has estimated that the
  use of video conferencing services will expand dramatically
  in the next half-decade--as reflected in its projection that
  the U.S. market alone will likely grow from the $2.94
  billion of 1996 to $34.76 billion in 2002.  According to TC
  Video Applications, publicly available sites such as the
  Haworth Center provide an opportunity for organizations that
  wish to use the growing option of video conferencing without
  incurring the expense of installing a system of their own.
          Reservations for the video conferencing services
  at the Haworth Center may be made by contacting TC Video
  Applications at (616) 493-2665.