The textbook "Concepts in Biochemistry" by Dr. Rodney Boyer of the Hope College chemistry faculty has been published by Brooks/Cole Publishing Company of Pacific Grove, Calif.

          Written with one-semester, college-level
  biochemistry courses in mind, "Concepts in Biochemistry" was
  released earlier this month.
          The textbook is organized around the theme of
  nucleic acids as central molecules of biochemistry, with
  other biomolecules and biological processes treated as
  direct or indirect products of the nucleic acids.  The book
  features a total of 19 chapters grouped within four general
  sections:  "Molecules and Life," "Dynamic Function of
  Biomolecules," "Storage and Transfer of Biological
  Information" and "Metabolism and Energy."
          Boyer is the Drs. Edward A. and Elizabeth Hofma
  Professor of Chemistry at Hope, where he has been a member
  of the faculty since 1974.  He teaches biochemistry courses,
  and is also the author of another textbook "Modern
  Experimental Biochemistry," which is currently in its second
          His research interests include the metabolism of
  iron and reactive forms of ribonucleic acid (RNA).  His work
  has been described in more than 35 scientific publications,
  and has been supported by grants from organizations
  including the American Cancer Society, the National
  Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation
  (NSF) and the Dreyfus Foundation.  He has also directed the
  research of more than 60 Hope students.