Julie Costello and Linda Dove of the English faculty at Hope College have each received recognition for outstanding work in their graduate studies.

          Costello received the Shaheen Award, as the
  University of Notre Dame's best graduate student in the
  humanities in the class of '97.  The award included a cash
  stipend, which she used to attend a conference in July at
  St. Mary's University at Strawberry Hill, home of the late
  18th-century writer Horace Walpole.
          Costello, who joined the Hope faculty this fall,
  earned her bachelor's, master's and doctorate from the
  University of Notre Dame.  Her dissertation examines
  representations of motherhood in the work of several late
  18th- and early 19th-century British writers.  Her book
  manuscript, "Romanticism, Nationalism, and Maternity:
  Mothers "on Trial" in the Late Eighteenth and Early
  Nineteenth Centuries," based on the dissertation, is being
  considered for publication by Cambridge University Press.
  She is also assistant editor for "Bullán: An Irish Studies
          Dove was awarded the Alice L. Geyer Prize for 1997
  for the University of Maryland's best dissertation on
  English literature.  Dove's dissertation, "Women at
  Variance: Sonnet Sequences and Social Commentary in Early
  Modern England," surveys the contributions made by
  Englishwomen to the sonnet sequence genre and argues that,
  like their male counterparts, they engaged in cultural
  debates and explored contemporary political issues within
  their work.  Dove was presented a cash prize at the
  graduation ceremony in May.
          After receiving her bachelor's degree from Mount
  Holyoke College, Dove earned her master's and doctorate at
  the University of Maryland at College Park.  She is co-
  editor of a book to be published next year, "Women, Writing,
  and the Reproduction of Culture in Tudor and Stuart
  Britain."  She joined the Hope faculty in 1997.