The food service programs at Calvin College and Hope College have each received recognition in the 26th annual Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards Contest of the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS).

          The award recipients were honored at the
  association's 41st national conference, held in Baltimore,
  Md., on Tuesday-Saturday, July 6-10.
          The food service programs at both Calvin and Hope
  are operated by Creative Dining Services.  Based in Zeeland,
  Creative Dining Services began in 1990 with the two colleges
  as the company's primary accounts.  The company has since
  expanded to have 26 clients in four states.
          Calvin received the grand prize in the "Catering
  Special Event" category, as well as first place among
  "medium schools" in the same category.  The award honored
  the luncheons presented during Calvin's "January Series," an
  annual lecture series that presents a variety of speakers
  each year.  During its January 7-27 run this year, the
  series featured speakers ranging from Dr. James Billington,
  the librarian of Congress, to author and storyteller
  Garrison Keillor.
          The entry packet for Calvin's program was prepared
  by Tim England, who is executive chef at Calvin, and Jane
  Holland, who is catering manager.
          Hope received third place among "small" schools in
  two categories:  in "Residence Hall Dining Special
  Event/Theme Dinner" for "The 1999 Pepsi Hockey Challenge"
  held in the Phelps Hall cafeteria on Tuesday, Feb. 9; and in
  "Cash Sales Special Event" for "The 50's, 60's & 70's
  Karaoke Night Buffet" held in the Kletz Snack Bar on
  Thursday, March 4.  Both events at Hope were new, and
  featured menus and activities in keeping with their themes.
  Selected contest winners in the "Hockey Challenge" were
  treated to a Griffins hockey game in Grand Rapids on Friday,
  Feb. 12.
          The third place that Hope received in the "Cash
  Sales Special Event" category was the highest honor received
  in the category by a "small" school.
          The entry packet concerning the "Hockey Challenge"
  was prepared by Tim Blackburn, who was service manager in
  Phelps Hall during 1998-99 and is now catering manager at
  Hope.  The "Karaoke Night Buffet" materials were prepared by
  Sharon Phillips, who is retail manager at the Kletz.
          A total of 158 entries were submitted to this
  year's competition, which named 49 award winners.
          Open to all institutional members of NACUFS, the
  contest features seven categories:  "Residence Hall Dining--
  Standard Menu," "Residence Hall Dining--Special Event/Theme
  Dinner," "Cash Sales--Standard Menu," "Cash Sales--Special
  Event," "Catering--Standard Menu," "Catering--Special Event"
  and "Specialty Restaurant or 'Shop.'"  Competing schools are
  considered in three divisions based on size--small, medium
  or large--with prizes for first place, second place and
  third place awarded within each division.  A single grand
  prize winner is also named for each of the seven categories.
          The contest was designed to promote creativity and
  sound nutrition in the areas of food presentation, menu
  variety and merchandising.  The event is named for Loyal E.
  Horton, a former NACUFS president and founding member of the
          NACUFS is a trade association for campus dining
  departments at institutions of higher education in the
  United States, Canada and abroad.  NACUFS is devoted to
  promoting the highest quality of food service, and supports
  its institutional and industry members with education,
  training, technical assistance, information, scholarships
  and research.