The Distinguished Lecture Series in
  Sports Medicine at Hope College will feature the address, "A
  research-based approach to the treatment of low back pain"
  on Tuesday, Oct. 12, at 7 p.m. in the Maas Center.
          The public is invited.  Admission is free.
          The talk will be presented by Dr. Julie Fritz, who
  is an assistant professor in the Physical Therapy Department
  of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Services at the
  University of Pittsburgh.
          According to Fritz, the prevalence of low back
  pain and its associated disability has reached nearly
  epidemic proportions in industrialized countries such as the
  United States while little is known concerning effective
  strategies for prevention and treatment.  She will discuss
  the recent research trend that focuses on identifying
  subgroups of patients who are more likely to respond to a
  specific treatments.  She will also review the current state
  of research on low back pain, and present one attempt to
  develop a classification scheme for patients with acute low
  back symptoms.
          Fritz is a 1990 Hope graduate.  She completed an
  M.S. in physical therapy at the University of Illinois in
  1992, and a doctorate in health and rehabilitation services
  at the University of Pittsburgh in 1998.
          The Distinguished Lecture Series in Sports
  Medicine is designed for health care professionals with an
  interest in physically active patients, and is intended for
  students, educators and clinicians alike.  It is co-
  sponsored by Holland Community Hospital, GNA Rehabilitation
  Professionals and the college.