Dr. George Su will present "A Career in Environmental Science" at Hope College on Friday, April 14, at 4 p.m. in room B50 of the Peale Science Center.

          The public is invited.  Admission is free.
          Su will be speaking through the James and Jeanette
  Neckers Lectureship in Chemistry at Hope.  Now retired and
  living in Oregon, he is former director of the Michigan
  Department of Environmental Quality State Environmental
  Analysis Lab.
          Su graduated from Hope in 1962 with a chemistry
  major.  While at the college, he studied ferrocenes with Dr.
  Irwin Brink of the Hope faculty.
          He subsequently received his master's and
  doctorate in organic chemistry from the University of
  Illinois.  He next worked as a research chemist in the
  plastics department at Du Pont for three years, receiving a
  patent on injection moldable polyimides.
          In 1969, Su did postdoctoral work at Michigan
  State University in biochemistry and at the Pesticide
  Research Center.  From Michigan State he went to work for
  the State of Michigan, first as a chemist, next as chief of
  technical services for the Air Quality Division and then as
  director of the Environmental Lab.
          The James and Jeanette Chemistry Lectureship and
  Student Assistance Fund through which Su is speaking was
  established in 1984 by Dr. James W. and Jeanette Hoffman
  Neckers, both members of the college's Class of '23, to
  support annual lectureships in chemistry.  Additional gifts
  to the fund have made it possible to expand the uses to
  student summer research stipends and student scholarships.
          Jeanette Neckers died on June 10, 1992.  Dr.
  Neckers, who lives in Carbondale, Ill., was chair of the
  Department of Chemistry at Southern Illinois University at
  Carbondale for 37 of his 40 years at the university.  Under
  his leadership, the department grew from a three-year
  offering of chemistry to one leading to the doctorate, with
  a senior faculty that grew from three to 23.