Academic and industrial scientists will
gather at Hope College on Friday, Oct. 6, for the second
annual Symposium on Analytical Chemistry.

The symposium will focus on analytical chemistry
in pharmaceutical process development. Approximately 100
will attend.

The conference will feature a plenary lecture by
Dr. Richard A. Mathies of the University of California at
Berkeley. The event will also feature seminars by five
invited speakers from the pharmaceutical industry: Dr. Mark
Argentine of Eli Lilly and Company, Dr. Michael Hawley of
Pharmacia Corporation, Dr. Hong Shen of Aventis
Pharmaceuticals Inc.; Dr. Daniel Sweeney of Pharmacia
Corporation; and Dr. Thomas Zennie of Pfizer Global Research
and Development.

The symposium is part of the Hope College
Chemistry Distinguished Scholars Program, which is funded
through a grant from Pfizer Global Research and Development.
Established in 1977, the Distinguished Scholars Program is
intended to enrich communication between academic and
industrial scientists and to provide students and practicing
chemists with knowledge of new research developments.

The symposium is organized by Dr. William Mungall
and Dr. Michael Seymour of the Hope chemistry faculty, and
by Dan Belmont, Roger Brummel and Steve Hagen of Pfizer
Global Research and Development.