Hope College honored faculty members for service, academic achievement and professional involvement during a reception on Friday, Jan. 17.

The annual recognition event traditionally marks the beginning of the college’s second semester and was originally scheduled to take place in conjunction with a luncheon on Monday, Jan. 6, but was postponed when the region-wide winter storm prompted the college to close on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 6-7, and delay the start of classes from Tuesday, Jan. 7, until Thursday, Jan. 9.

Honored for 45 years of service were Jack Holmes (political science), Bruce McCombs (art) and Peter Schakel (English).  Recognized for 35 years of service were Ion Agheana (modern and classical languages), John Cox (English), Sander deHaan (modern and classical languages) and Alfredo Gonzales (associate provost and dean for international and multicultural education).  Honored for 30 years of service were Ed Hansen (geology), Jim Herrick (communication) and Anne Larsen (modern and classical languages).  Honored for 25 years of service were Steve Nelson (art), Deb Swanson (sociology and social work) and Todd Swanson (mathematics).  Recognized for 20 years of service were Maria Claudia “Claudine” André (modern and classical languages), Jean Bahle (theatre), Steve Bouma-Prediger (religion, and associate dean for teaching and learning), Brigitte Hamon-Porter (modern and classical languages), Deirdre Johnston (communication), John Krupczak (engineering), Marla Lunderberg (English), Graham Peaslee (chemistry and geology), Jon Peterson (geology), David Ryden (political science), Elizabeth Sanford (chemistry) and John Yelding (education).  Part-time and adjunct members of the faculty honored for service were Tom Davelaar (kinesiology, 30 years), Larry Malfroid (music, 40 years), Jon Osborn (sociology, 40 years), Rob Pocock (communication and political science, 25 years) and Richard K. Smith (English, 30 years).

Named a “Towsley Research Scholar” was Deborah Van Duinen (education).  The “Janet L. Andersen Excellence in Teaching Award” was presented to Don Luidens (sociology).  The “Ruth and John Reed Faculty Achievement Awards” were presented to Marc Baer (history) and Anne Larsen (modern and classical languages).  The “Academic Computing Committee Faculty Innovation Award” was presented to Maria Claudia “Claudine” André (modern and classical languages).  The “Provost’s Awards for Service to the Academic Program” were presented to William Pannapacker (English) and Rajean Wolters (assistant to the dean for the arts and humanities).  The “Motoichiro Oghimi Global Courage Award” was presented to Annie Dandavati (political science).

Acknowledged as authors and editors during the past year were: Marc Baer (history), Al Bell (history), Wayne Brouwer (religion), Ernest Cole (English), James Herrick (communication), Lynn Japinga (religion), Nella Kennedy (A.C. Van Raalte Institute), Joseph LaPorte (philosophy), Patrice Rankine (modern and classical languages, and dean for the arts and humanities), Jack Ridl (English, emeritus), Peter Schakel (English), Joanne Stewart (chemistry), Robert Swierenga (A.C. Van Raalte Institute) and Elliot Tanis (mathematics, emeritus).

Honored for accomplishment as performing artists were: Charles Aschbrenner (music, emeritus), Adam Clark (music), Mihai Craioveanu (music), Matthew Farmer (dance), Linda Graham (dance), Edye Evans Hyde (music), Jung Woo Kim (music), Andrew Le (music), Huw Lewis (music) and Steve Talaga (music).  Recognized for his work as an artist was Bruce McCombs (art).  Honored for accomplishments as coaches were: Bob Ebels (men’s golf), Adam Ford (women’s tennis), Stu Fritz (baseball), Brian Morehouse (women’s basketball), Dean Morehouse (women’s basketball) and Becky Schmidt (volleyball).

Faculty honored for being named officers of professional associations were:  Susan Ipri Brown (engineering/physics), Berta Carrasco (Spanish), Jonathan Hagood (history), Kelly Jacobsma (Van Wylen Library), John Lunn (economics), William Pannapacker (English) and Richard Perez (theatre).

Faculty and other members of the campus community recognized for receiving honors and awards were: Melissa Bouws (nursing), Kirk Brumels (kinesiology), Maria Burnatowska-Hledin (biology and chemistry), Nancy Cook (education), Natalie Dykstra (English), Robert Fortner (communication), Jason Gillmore (chemistry), Emilie Goris (nursing), Vicki-Lynn Holmes (mathematics and education), David James (English), Jeff Johnson (chemistry), Brent Krueger (chemistry), John Krupczak (engineering), David Myers (psychology), Graham Peaslee (chemistry and geology), William Polik (chemistry), Dianne Portfleet (English), Debra Swanson (sociology), Deborah Van Duinen (education) and John Yelding (education).

Several faculty and staff were recognized as recipients of grants and fellowships: Beth Anderson (chemistry), Virginia Beard (political science), Aaron Best (biology), Steve Bouma-Prediger (religion, and associate dean for teaching and learning), Melissa Bouws (nursing), Susan Brondyk (education), Kenneth Brown (chemistry), Matt DeJongh (computer science), Suzanne DeVries-Zimmerman (geology), Paul DeYoung (physics), Carrie Dummer (chemistry), Sarah Estelle (economics), Greg Fraley (biology), Chuck Green (psychology), Curtis Gruenler (English), Jonathan Hagood (history), Ed Hansen (geology), Vicki-Lynn Holmes (mathematics and education), Lorna Hernandez Jarvis (psychology), Deirdre Johnston (communication), Brent Krueger (chemistry), Jianhua Li (biology), Marla Lunderberg (English), Cathy Mader (physics), Jesse Montaño (English), Kyle Morrison (kinesiology), Jack Mulder (philosophy), Andy Nakajima (modern and classical languages), Mark Northuis (kinesiology), William Pannapacker (English), Laura Pardo (education), Graham Peaslee (chemistry and geology), Jeanne Petit (history), David Phillips (economics), Jeff Polet (political science), Aaron Putzke (biology), Stephen Remillard (physics), Brad Richmond (music), David Ryden (political science), Steve Smith (kinesiology), Christian Spielvogel (communication), Deb Sturtevant (sociology and social work), Katherine Sullivan (art), Deborah Van Duinen (education), Daryl Van Tongeren (psychology), Todd Wiebe (Van Wylen Library), Anne Heath Wiersma (art), Daniel Woolsey (modern and classical languages) and Brian Yurk (mathematics).