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Peer Partnership Learning (PPL)

Are you enrolled in General Biology (BIOL 105/106), General Chemistry (CHEM 125/126), Introduction to Engineering (ENGS 122) or Circuit Analysis & Applications (ENGS 241)? We’ve got your back!

PPL is a free program designed especially for you! Different than a group help session or tutoring, PPL teaches you how to learn course content along with what to learn.

Fall 2024 PPL sign-up links for Biology 105, Chemistry 125 and Engineering 241 will be available beginning at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 28, 2024.

Students will automatically be enrolled into a PPL session immediately upon sign-up (i.e., first-come, first-served). If demand outstrips available PPL enrollment slots, the remaining students will be added to the waitlist and will be assigned to PPL as space permits. The PPL sign-up link will remain live throughout the semester so students can continue to sign up at any point.

Peer Partnership Learning at Hope College

PPL is unique for a few reasons:

  • PPL enrollment is voluntary.
  • PPL targets the course, not the student.
  • PPL sessions involve active review of course content, but also focus on study strategies.
  • PPL leaders have already taken the course and received a high grade, but they also sit in on the class again, take notes and read assignments to make PPL sessions as relevant and beneficial as possible.
  • Statistically, students who regularly attend PPL earn at least 1/2 letter grade higher than non-participants.

What Students are saying about PPL:

  • “I loved being a part of PPL this semester and I truly believe it helped me better understand and succeed in this course.”
  • “I've learned new study strategies and I've locked in the material I learned in class.”
  • “I definitely did not expect to be doing this well in the course. PPL has been an integral part of my success thus far.”
  • “I love PPL and I want this to exist forever. It really helped because I got to hear other people's questions and they were about things I never even thought about.”
  • “My PPL leader knew the material well and went out of her way to make extra practice quizzes and study guides for us that truly helped me do well in bio. I can't thank her enough!”
  • “It forces me to set aside time to study for bio and actually contemplate what we are learning. Hugely beneficial on tests.”