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Off-Campus Internships

Hope College offers domestic and international off-campus programs that allow students to earn internship credit.

Through a structured and supportive environment, these experiences challenge students to integrate their personal, academic and professional lives in new and exciting ways.

United States Internships

For a complete list of domestic programs offered at Hope visit the Fried Center for Global Engagement.

International Internships

Hope-Affiliated Programs

The Fried Center for Global Engagement at Hope College has several programs that offer an international internship experience while abroad. Applications and detailed descriptions of programs are available from the Fried Center in the Martha Miller Center, or you can email offcampusstudy@hope.edu with any questions.

To earn credit for an international internship experience that is not affiliated with a Hope-approved program, please schedule a meeting with the internship coordinator in the Boerigter Center. We recommend that you begin the process at least five months prior to your internship start date.

STEP 1 — Submit Application

Submit a copy of your Off Campus Study Application at travel.hope.edu and the International Academic Internship Form to the internship coordinator in the Boerigter Center.

STEP 2 — Review

Your application will be reviewed by the Fried Center for Global Engagement, Dean of Students and Registrar. You will be notified by the Boerigter Center about the status of your application.

STEP 3 – Submit Risk and Responsibility Forms

If approved, complete the following risk and responsibility forms found under the “Two or More Overnights (Domestic or International)” section, and return them to the appropriate contact:

  • Assumption of Risk and Release
  • Eligibility to Participate
  • Medical and Mental Health Form
  • Student off Campus Responsibility Form
  • Internship Housing Form
  • Online Itinerary

Remember to contact the Health Center for important information regarding required immunizations for international travel!

STEP 4 — Register for Academic Credit

Submit the International Academic Internship Registration Form.

Submit the Academic Internship Registration Form.

STEP 5 – Attend Study Abroad Orientation Session

Attend a study abroad orientation session through the Fried Center for Global Engagement.