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Book Buyback

At the conclusion of every semester, the bookstore conducts a student book buyback.

Book buyback typically starts a day or two before exam week and will run through the end of exams. The best time to sell your books is always at the end of each semester when the bookstore has a list of the books and quantities needed for the upcoming semester.

The bookstore will pay up to 50% of your purchase price for titles that are adopted and needed for the following semester. Any current edition books that are not being used next semester may still be sold at the bookstore. These “wholesale” books often have value with other used book wholesale companies. The bookstore partners with these companies to try and get you the most money for your books. These companies will typically pay between 15–30% on the dollar. These “wholesale” prices can change dramatically based on edition changes, wholesale inventory and market demand. Not all books will have national demand or resale value, regardless of their original purchase price.

We may take your course packs and loose leaf versions too!

Items that cannot be bought back: workbooks that have been , access codes, digital content, books sold as packages (with access codes)