Learning to take care of your mental health prepares you for a lifetime of overall well-being. Our professional counseling staff supports students as they learn skills to reach their full potential.

Summer Break 2020

Counseling and Psychological Services will be closed June 1–August 17, 2020, but there are still crisis and urgent mental health response available.


Emergencies include medical emergencies, sexual assault, partner violence, attempted suicide or immediate suicidal threat.

Crisis Intervention

For immediate mental health concerns, call CAPS at 616.395.7945 to be connected to a counselor. This is a 24/7 service now available to current Hope students.

On-Going Counseling & Other Services

Resilience, 616.392.2829, is a 24-hour crisis service that offers medical and counseling care in the case of sexual assault or partner violence.

If you are seeking on-going counseling services, you may wish to consult with one of the following area organizations. You will need your insurance information when you call to schedule an appointment.

Outside of the Holland area:

  • Contact your health insurance carrier for a list of mental health providers covered by your plan.
  • Contact your local community mental health center.
  • Contact your primary care provider for referrals.
  • Contact your health insurance provider for referrals.

Find more information on our resources page.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides a wealth of services and is free for any degree-seeking student.

New at CAPS

In an effort to provide quicker access to services, CAPS will be making some changes this semester. Our new model of care will allow for same-day access to 30-minute appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. Follow-up sessions will be tailored to meet students' needs. Our services will continue to include group and individual therapy and referrals when appropriate. As always, crisis appointments are available as needed.

Many students experience personal, relational, spiritual, social or academic difficulties they cannot fully resolve on their own. We offer tools to help you:

  • Address personal problems that interfere with academic success
  • Adjust to college life, pressures and changes
  • Resolve life crises that threaten success in college
  • Explore questions of faith and how that impacts daily living
  • Cope with problems which stem from medical or physical concerns
  • Provide referral for medication evaluation
  • Succeed in college while coping with mental illness

Our team provides individual and group therapy for students, orientation for parents, training for faculty and staff, and stress-reducing events during exam weeks.

Would you like to know more? Call our office (616.395.7945) to schedule a time to speak to a CAPS staff counselor. After a few initial questions, you'll hear about opportunities and work with our professional team to determine next steps.

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