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Doubles Racquetball Rules

The rules set forth by AARA racquetball will be followed.

Each team will be composed of two players (allowed one alternate, for three total).


To determine server of the first game, a player will stand an arm's length from the back wall and will hit the ball to the front wall. The player who gets the first bounce closest to the back service line is the first server.


The ball must be bounced and must be hit after the first bounce. Neither foot may be beyond either of the two lines until the ball is contacted on serve. In doubles, Team A (the team that won first serve) has one person serve until done. Then Team B has both players service until done. Then Team A has both players serve until done, etc.


  • Each contest consists of doubles play. Points are given only on the serve. Teams must alternate shots between teams during doubles play.
  • A game is played to 15 points with a two-point winning margin. Tiebreaker (if necessary) will be played to 11 points with a two-point winning margin.
  • The team winning two of the three matches will be declared the victor.
  • Game scores will be reported on the clipboard in the ER. Players will call their own games.


Rest periods may last no more than five minutes between games.


You must wear tennis shoes. No running shoes or black-soled shoes allowed.


  • One no show will put your team on probation. Once on probation, one additional no show will remove your team from competition.
  • Additional players may be added up to game time on the day of your scheduled event in order to play that day using the roster addition form.