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Team Kickball Rules

  • Kickball can be played on any type of pitch or surface but it is most usually played on a softball diamond.
  • Games often consist of 6 innings, but this can be flexible when not playing under WAKA rules as long as both teams agree.
  • Kickballs are made of inflated rubber and can be a variety of sizes and usually measure between 8 and 16 inches in diameter.
  • Because Kickball is usually played in school sports sessions, then team sizes can vary, although WAKA recommends teams should be between 8 and 11.
  • In Kickball, the order of kickers is not specified, but the usual convention is to have an order of girl/boy or boy/girl.
  • Unlike baseball, there are no strikeouts, leading off or stealing.
  • The play comes to an end once the ball returns to the pitcher.
  • A player can be out in Kickball when:
    • The ball is caught by an opposing team member
    • They are tagged out by an opposing player (No throwing ball at a person)
    • The player is forced out at a base by an opposition team member
  • Outs will not consist of throwing the ball at a person who has kicked the ball and is running the bases or a person who has reached base and attempting to move to next base.
  • To score a run, a runner simply has to safely reach the home plate before then end of an innings.
  • In Kickball, fairplay is taken very seriously and players are expected to monitor themselves and ‘walk’ if they themselves think that they are out and not wait for the referee’s decision. Any kind of cheating or poor sportsmanship will result in a player being asked to leave the field of play immediately.