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Digital Holland

Digital Holland is the Mellon Scholars’ flagship public scholarship project.

Digital Holland websiteFounded in 2014 by Mellon scholars Allyson Hoffman and Erika Schlenker, Digital Holland hosts video and audio files of archival documentation, as well as essays and documentaries written and produced by students in the Mellon Scholars program and the general public.

Digital Holland melds together the program’s dual pillars of archival research and public dissemination. It brings to the public a media-rich and interactive history of Holland that aims to show the city's tapestry of narratives born from its multifarious communities.

Students who are involved with maintaining and furthering Digital Holland’s content learn skills such as project management, teamwork, coding html, copy editing, and video and audio production.

Allyson and Erika showing digital Holland Digital Holland is maintained by a committee of Mellon scholars, headed by a student chairperson under the direction of the Digital Liberal Arts Fellow. The committee is responsible for adding content to the Digital Holland website by guiding projects through a rigorous editing and formatting process. Committee members also make their own original contributions to the site, thereby giving them research and publication experience.

Digital Holland is the realization of a scholarly dream: to create a web space that hosts research about the Holland area. What makes Digital Holland different is that it includes different types of digital artifacts on each page — images, videos and audio files — along with essays written by contributors.

—Allyson Hoffman