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Faculty Development Grants

Towsley Research Scholars

During each four-year appointment, Towsley Research Scholars receive summer research funding and sabbatical to pursue scholarly research that benefits Hope students and furthers your professional goals. 

Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grants

Continuum Scholars Faculty Development Grants expand the conversation at Hope College around issues of faith, vocation and scholarship. They invite pre-tenure faculty members into a vibrant experience of faith formation and intellectual engagement with the historic Christian faith.

Jacob E. Nyenhuis Faculty Development Grants

The Jacob E. Nyenhuis faculty development summer research grant program provides funding for individual or collaborative faculty research, faculty-student research and convergent, interdisciplinary faculty-student research.

3IP: Instructional Inclusivity Incentive Program

The Instructional Inclusivity Incentive Program (3IP) offers financial resources to teams of faculty to support collaborative work on inclusive teaching practices.