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Administering Projects in SHARP

SHARP is designed for faculty to enter projects and administrative staff to hire students to those projects.

Updating and Entering New Projects and Project Descriptions
  1. Go to /research/sharp.html/admin/
  2. Log in using your KnowHope Plus ID and PIN. If you cannot login with your 9 digit KnowHope Plus ID and PIN, contact us at sharp@hope.edu. New users may yet need to be added to the system. Office managers should proxy in as the faculty member after logging in.
  3. Select "Projects" from the menu at the top of the page. 
  4. On the Projects page you can create new projects and edit any existing projects from last year. If you are recruiting students through SHARP it is important to enter projects before the first Monday in December as the system opens to applicants then.
    1. Click the "Create a new project" link brings up a form that includes some suggested text in the project description (see c.i. below).
      Or click on an existing project title to edit it.
    2. For each project, in the "Owners" section be sure to check one or more boxes in EACH of the three columns: "Department", "Mentor", and "Contact".
      1. "Department" is prepopulated with department(s) in which you are officially a faculty member, but can be expanded to recruit students in other disciplines relevant to your project. If you do this, be sure that your project description indicates that "this interdisciplinary project draws upon the disciplines of ___________, but is formally housed in the department of _____________."
      2. "Mentor" will be prepopulated with your name, but can specify co-PIs for collaborative projects if desired.
      3. "Contact" is not prepopulated. You must choose which office manager will "run" this project for you (be point of contact for students, interface with HR, provide fund #s, etc.). Choose only one.
    3. If your project is not open to off-campus applicants, please end your project title with " - Hope students only".  This will reduce the number of applications you'll have to evaluate and better serve those external students who are interested in doing research at Hope College.
      1. OPEN: These projects are visible and accepting applications.
      2. CLOSED: These projects are visible to applicants, but cannot be applied to.
      3. HIDDEN: Already have a student selected for a project? If you are not using SHARP only for the purposes of hiring that student (entering payment information, housing, etc.) then select "Hidden." These projects can neither be seen by applicants nor applied to.
      4. DELETED: These projects will be removed from SHARP after you've save them as "deleted."
    5.  For existing projects, the "Project Begin Date" and the "Project End Date" has been rolled forward to the next year, but you will need to update the specific date.
  5. Once your project is ready, click the lower left-hand button to save your project record in the SHARP database. 
Departmental & Divisional Representatives

SHARP Departmental/Divisional Representatives:

  • Biology – Aaron Best
  • Chemistry – Kristin Dittenhafer-Reed
  • Computer Science – Mike Jipping
  • Engineering – Mike Misovich
  • GES – Brian Bodenbender
  • Kinesology – Brian Rider
  • Mathematics – Paul Pearson
  • Nursing – Melissa Bouws
  • Physics – Zachary Williams
  • Psychology – Charlotte vanOyen-Witvliet
  • Sociology & Social Work – Aaron Franzen
  • Social Sciences – Alyssa Cheadle
  • Arts & Humanities – Curtis Gruenler
New SHARP Features

New in 2017:

  1. Office managers can hire a Hope student directly to a department/project without the student needing to apply, to allow flexibility and match the normal workflow of other divisions.

New in 2018:

  1. Students will be hired to a project.
    1. When a student is hired, the office manager will select the department and faculty member for the student, then select from the list of projects associated with that faculty member. The listed project dates will become the suggested dates for the student to work/be on campus. This field is editable in case a student is only hired for part of the project or project dates change.
    2. Multiple students can be hired to the same project.
    3. As always, project titles and descriptions are assumed to be “working titles” only and are not to be used outside SHARP without faculty consultation.
  2. When you download a spreadsheet from the “hired applicants” page, it will now also include student emails.
  3. When you enter student payroll information, FICA will be automatically calculated. A gross amount which includes the FICA amount will automatically show at the bottom.
    1. The default will continue to be that FICA be charged to the same fund that is listed for the stipend
    2. You can still designate a seperate FICA fund.
    3. This change was instated to remind fund administrators that not just the stipend amount, but also FICA is coming out of the fund for summer research students, and to give administrators a clear sense of the total amount to be allocated to that researcher.