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‘This Week At Hope’ Guidelines

What belongs (or doesn’t belong) in “This Week at Hope”?

“This Week at Hope” content should be directly related to Hope College student news and events only. This can include announcements, opportunities, policy deadlines and Student Congress updates.

Information shared in “This Week at Hope” must come from current Hope College official student group email accounts (e.g., congress@hope.edu), faculty or staff members (e.g., group advisors). Information shared should be of interest to or available to a significant portion of the student body. Regular meetings of student organizations would not be shared in the “This Week at Hope,” but a larger event that was open to the rest of campus would be shared there.

Political opinions, product promotions from non-Hope College owned entities, editorialization regarding campus policies, events or groups, and explicit material will not be distributed. Fundraisers directly related to Hope College groups can be shared. External fundraisers (e.g., GoFundMe) and petitions (e.g., Change.org) will not be distributed.

Submissions to “This Week at Hope” may occasionally be edited for clarity and length. A single news item may be shared no more than two (2) times. Items may be declined at the discretion of Student Life or Public Affairs and Marketing.

Urgent messages will be distributed to students separately at the discretion of Public Affairs and Marketing.