Transfer Credits

If you’re looking to transfer credit to Hope, start with our Transfer Equivalency System (TES).

If your course is NOT listed in TES:

  • Current students, complete a transfer credit request. Once we receive your request, the course information will be sent to the appropriate academic department for review. Even if you’re not sure you’re taking the class, you can still complete the request. If the course is listed in TES, you do not need to fill out this form. How the course is listed in TES is how the course will transfer to Hope. If the Hope equivalency posted is not the exact class that will meet the requirement you are trying to fulfill, you will need to complete a major/minor substitution form to request the class count toward the requirement. 
  • Incoming transfer or first-year students, contact Sarah Gottschlich or Liz Steenwyk in the Registrar’s Office.

If you are transferring credit to Hope, contact your other school to have your official transcript mailed (not faxed) directly to the Registrar’s Office. Once we receive your transcript, it typically takes a week for us to add the transfer credit to your record. Check your unofficial transcript (Registrar and Student Accounts > Student Records > Unofficial Transcript) or your degree audit in your KnowHope Plus account to see if it has been added.

Faculty and staff: Read more about approving transfer credit.



If you are currently a degree-seeking student at Hope, you can apply to another school to earn credit to transfer to Hope. If the school is located in Michigan, use the Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application instead of going through the school’s application process. If you’re planning to graduate before you enroll at the other school, check with the school about their application process — the Michigan Guest Application may not be valid for graduates.

Bring your completed form to the Registrar’s Office for processing. Processing normally takes 1–2 business days; however, it is a good idea to allow at least two weeks for the form to arrive and be processed by the other school. Some schools take longer than others to process applications. You can always call the school and find out if they have received the application, but don't worry if they haven't received it within a week — it may just take more time for them to process.

Once your application has been processed by the other school, they will contact you about registration.

If the school is located outside of Michigan, contact them to find out about their application process for guest students.


Official transcripts should be sent to Admissions as part of your application process. Once you are admitted, Admissions will send your transcript to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation.

After your final grades have been posted, make sure you send your final official transcript to the Registrar's Office, so that we can place the credit on your record.


In order to have courses transfer or be evaluated to transfer to Hope, they must be listed on an accredited college’s transcript. This includes dual-enrollment — courses listed only on a high school transcript do not earn credit at Hope. Online courses are accepted just as on-campus courses are.

Courses must be 100-level or higher to be considered for transfer; remedial and developmental courses do not transfer. Math courses must be pre-calculus or higher. College algebra and lower courses do not transfer.

You can transfer a maximum of 65 community college (2-year) credits. Overall, you may transfer up to 96 credits. The final 30 credits must be completed at Hope.

You can earn a maximum of 32 credits through AP and IB exams.

If Hope doesn’t offer an equivalent to the course you’d like to transfer, but is similar to the types of classes offered at Hope, you can still earn general credit. Courses like this will be listed on your transcript as 0100, 0200, 0300, or 0400, based on the course’s level at the other institution. The credit counts toward your minimum 126 credits to graduate, but does not automatically count toward a specific major, minor or general education requirement. To petition that the course count for a specific requirement, you must complete a general education substitution/waiver or a major/minor substitution/waiver form.

The number of credits does not change in the transfer. For example, if a course is 3 credits at the other school and the equivalent at Hope is 4, the course will transfer as 3 credits. Generally, 3-credit courses will still satisfy general education requirements, however, TES notes exceptions. You can also read more about it below under “fulfilling requirements.”

If the other school is on a quarter calendar instead of semester, the quarter credit hours will be converted to semester credits as follows:

1 .66
2 1.33
3 1.99
4 2.66
5 3.33

Generally, in order for a course to transfer to Hope, you must have earned a C or above at the other institution. However, if your cumulative GPA at the other institution is at least a 2.00, you may earn credit for transferrable courses where you earned a C- or below. The exception to this is failed and withdrawn courses - if you receive a F or W grade, you will receive no transfer credit.

Grades and honor points do not transfer to Hope — only the credit. On your Hope transcript, transfer courses will be listed with a grade of TR (Transfer).

If you failed a course at your previous school, you may retake it at Hope for credit. If you choose to retake any transferred courses at Hope, your transfer credit for that course will be deleted. Credit cannot be awarded for the same course twice.

If you passed a course at Hope but are not happy with your grade, you can't retake the course at another school to improve your grade, since grades do not transfer to Hope. You must retake the course at Hope to improve your grade.

If you failed a course at Hope, you can retake the equivalent course at another school, but only for credit. The grade from that course will not transfer, and your F grade at Hope will still factor into your Hope GPA.


If a transfer course is equivalent to a Hope course that completes a requirement, the transfer course will count toward that requirement. TES will note any exceptions to this, such as if the number of credits are lower at the other school and the transfer course does not completely fulfill a general education requirement.

Two general education requirements must be fulfilled at Hope or on a Hope-approved program: Global Learning and Senior Seminar.

Consult your advisor and the chairperson of your major/minor department before taking any major or minor required courses at another school. Some departments have transfer credit restrictions on courses or on missing credits.

If the course does not transfer as an exact Hope equivalent, you may request it to count for a requirement with a general education substitution/waiver or major/minor substitution/waiver. These forms may only be filled out after enrollment at Hope.

Statistics courses at other schools generally do not transfer exactly as Hope’s Math 210 because Hope offers a unique lab component that other schools do not. The Math Department has determined that it will award the credit as Math 0110 (Statistics Transfer Credit) for transferrable stats courses.

Math 0110 counts toward the Mathematics and Natural Science general education requirement. Some majors and minors that require statistics will accept it as a substitute for Math 210, and some will not. Check your degree audit for confirmation. You cannot earn credit for Math 0110 and Math 210.


In TES, you must first search by school. Type the name or part of the name of your school in the search box, or use the alphabetical index below it.

After selecting your school, you can search for a specific course in the search box, or browse for the course in the list. The other school’s courses are listed in the left-side box and Hope equivalencies are listed on the right. If you click the "VIEW" icon, you will see more details about the class and any special notes about the course. Special notes appear in the light yellow box at the top of the page.

Units indicate how many credits the course is worth at the other school and at Hope College.


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