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Your transcript is the official documentation of your record at Hope College. Official transcripts can be requested in paper or electronic form.

Unofficial transcripts can be printed from plus.hope.edu.


  • Your handwritten signature is required for each new transcript request.
  • Transcripts will not be released if you have a financial hold.
  • A valid photo ID is required to pick up transcripts.
  • 1–2 business days are needed to process your request. Processing time may increase during busy times or when the college is closed. Processing time does not include USPS delivery time.
  • For electronic transcripts, your written authorization form must be submitted before we can begin processing your transcript. The 1–2 business day processing time frame begins once your authorization form has been received and approved.
  • If you attended any time prior to August 1984, you do not have access to an electronic transcript — you can request a paper transcript.
  • We cannot guarantee mail delivery time, so allow ample time for arrival.

To request an official paper transcript, complete a transcript request form with your handwritten (not typed) signature. Your signature is required because transcripts contain confidential information such as courses and grades. Complete one form for each third-party recipient. If you'd like transcripts for yourself, indicate that on the form.

Official paper transcripts are free to process and mail via USPS first class. There are additional charges for expediting shipping (read more below).

Please limit the number of transcripts you request at one time to 5. This is the maximum we can fit in one envelope. You can always request more transcripts later.

Return the form to us by email to transcripts@hope.edu, in person, fax or mail. If you don’t have a scanner to email your signed form, you can use a smart phone to take a picture of the form. Please make sure the picture is of high enough quality for us to print and read. If you fax your transcript request, please call to verify your request was received.

If you need your transcript to include your final grades and/or degree, check the appropriate box on your request form. We will process your transcript when all of your grades have been received and/or all graduation requirements are met and your degree awarded.

Special forms or attachments should be included with your submitted transcript request form, so that we can process and mail them together.


Each official paper transcript is individually sealed, printed with the Registrar's signature, and packaged in its own envelope.

Paper transcripts that you request to yourself will be stamped "Issued to Student." If you are receiving your own transcript and plan to pass it onto another party, it must remain in the individually sealed envelope in order to be considered official. Some recipients will not accept transcripts stamped "Issued to Student."

If you need someone else to pick up your paper transcript for you, specify their legal name on your transcript request in the indicated box. They will be required to show a valid ID at pick up.


Hope College is partnered with Credentials, Inc. to process and deliver official electronic transcript orders. Credentials charges a $3 fee for processing electronic transcripts; Hope does not charge an additional fee. Orders can be placed with Credentials here.

Electronic transcripts are not available if you attended prior to August 1984, since we stored our data differently at that time. You will need to request an official paper transcript.

Emailing a transcript is not the same as secure electronic delivery. Hope does not email transcripts, as that renders the transcript unofficial and is not secure. If you would like an unofficial transcript, read more below in the "Unofficial Transcripts" section.

A hand-signed authorization form is required for each order you place with Credentials. It must be submitted to them before we can process your order. The form, along with instructions for submitting it, will be provided to you after you have entered the billing information for your order. If you do not submit your authorization to Credentials within 30 days, your order will be canceled and you will not be billed.

You can check the status of your transcript order here. You will also receive email notifications when our office processes your request and when the recipient retrieves the transcript. You will be charged once our office processes and sends your transcript.

We are unable to hold electronic transcripts to wait for degree/grades at this time. Please check plus.hope.edu to see if your grades/degree have been awarded, then submit your request for an electronic transcript.

Detailed instructions for placing an order with Credentials are available. Additional tips and help are located in the bottom accordion of this page.

If you are uncomfortable placing an order over the internet by yourself, you can call Credentials at 847.716.3005 to assist you with placing your request; however, Credentials will charge an additional processing fee in addition to the regular $3 handling fee. You can also stop by our office for assistance.


Unofficial transcripts can be accessed in plus.hope.edu. Log in with your Hope ID (9-digit number) and PIN. Go to Registrar and Student Accounts > Student Records > Unofficial Transcript. You can print or save it as a PDF by choosing the Print function on your browser.

Your plus.hope.edu account never expires. If you started at Hope after August 1984, you will have a plus.hope.edu account. If you attended prior to August 1984, you will not have a plus.hope.edu account or an unofficial transcript. You can request a paper transcript using the form above.

If you've forgotten your ID or PIN (or have never used plus.hope.edu), email the Registrar's Office to so that we can send you the request form. We will use the completed form to verify your information and then email you your log in information. If you are a current student, you don't need to email us for the form; simply stop in and we will help you get access.


Typically, official transcripts are for colleges or universities you are applying to, job applications and scholarships. Official transcripts should be sent directly to the receiving organization from Hope and must be requested via the official paper transcript request form or the electronic request form via Credentials.

Unofficial transcripts are useful if you want to see which classes you’ve taken, your GPA, how many credits you have earned and specific grades. Some scholarships and other organizations may accept unofficial transcripts. It may be helpful to you to review your unofficial transcript on plus.hope.edu before you request an official transcript.

Your Hope transcript includes:

  • Your name at the time you last attended Hope
  • Any courses you attempted (completed or not)
  • Grade, credit hours and quality points earned for each course
  • Semester/term earned hours, GPA hours, GPA and quality points
  • Overall earned hours, GPA hours, GPA and quality points
  • Whether a course was repeated (indicated in the "R" column with an "I" or "E"  see below)
  • Any courses you are registered for (current or future terms) are listed as In Progress
  • Any other credit that has been applied to your Hope academic record, including transfer, AP, IB and CLEP
  • If applicable, degree earned, majors/minors if you have earned a degree, and date of degree

The R column is for a repeated course. The "I" means that the course is included in your GPA. Courses with an "E" have been excluded from your GPA: if you have repeated a course to try to improve your grade, your most recent attempt is included in your GPA.


Our office cannot release transcripts for anyone with a financial hold. To find out if you have a financial obligation with Hope that would prevent your transcript being released, check the status of your account in plus.hope.edu or contact Business Services. If you make a payment to your account, please contact Business Services to have the hold lifted from your account.

If you have a hold on an electronic transcript request, we will notify you via the Credentials system. You have 30 days to resolve your hold before your order is canceled. The canceling of orders is automatic, so make sure to reserve a few days for processing by Business Services and the Registrar's Office. Again, if you have made a payment, be sure to contact Business Services to have your hold lifted, and notify the Registrar's Office, so that we know to begin processing your request before it is canceled. You will not be charged by Credentials until we process your electronic transcript.


We have a few options for expediting shipping on transcripts. Both options still require 1–2 business days for processing and additional days if you have a financial hold.

Option 1: Expedite your official paper transcript

  • We offer two domestic expedited shipping options: $7 for USPS Priority, or $24 for USPS Overnight. You must pay the fee online before we can begin processing your transcript.
  • Check plus.hope.edu or contact Business Services before you make your request to find out if you have a hold.
  • Check the applicable expedited shipping box on your paper transcript request form.
  • If you need expedited international shipping, email us to request a price estimate.

Option 2: Request an official electronic transcript

Read the Official Electronic Transcript section above to make sure you qualify for this option and can complete all steps. We send electronic transcripts 1–2 business days after your authorization form is received and processed.


If you request an electronic transcript to yourself, it will have an “Issued to Student” watermark. Electronic transcripts are official in their original PDF format only. If you print it, it will no longer be official. Follow the instructions below to ensure your electronic transcript remains official.

Once we have processed a transcript that is sent to you, you will receive two emails from Credentials. The first contains a link to download your transcript. The second contains an access code that you will need to download your transcript. The second email will be sent shortly after the first. To obtain your transcript, follow the below steps:

  • In the first email, click the link to download your transcript. Once you click it, the link will remain active for 24 hours.
  • A new browser window will pop up that asks for your contact information and the access code that was provided in the second email. Enter the requested information and click Submit. 
  • Download your transcript.
  • Once downloaded, save the PDF in a secure location on your computer, as you will not be able to download it again after 7 p.m. CST on the second business day after you initially open or download it.
  • Once this transcript has been downloaded, and until 6 months after downloading it, you may request that Credentials re-certify the authenticity of the document and confirm that it has not been modified since it was originally produced.
  • A printed copy of your electronic transcript is considered unofficial and will display the words "PRINTED COPY" on all pages of the PDF.
  • For additional information, please see the transcript cover page (page 1 in the PDF).

Electronic transcripts that have not been downloaded within 30 days will be deleted and you will not be refunded. You will need to place another order if you need a transcript.

There is more help and FAQs available on the Credentials transcript ordering page.